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Re: [LUG] Upgrades


On 07/02/2017 09:00, Neil via list wrote:
> I notice however that some of my programs don't get updated. The latest
> version of Libre Office,

The auto upgrade function in LibreOffice does not work.
I check manually, against about Libreoffice in their menu.
Note: There are three versions of LibreOffice available:
"Still" version, [current 5.2.5.(proven safe for enterprise use,
unlikely to break any other programs)]. I use for folk new to
LibreOffice or for older CPUs.
"Fresh" version [Current 5.3.03, more up to date, newer 'bits'
recommended for 'tech enthusiasts'] I use on work machines {MS Windows
10 and OpenSUSE Leap 42.2} as better at MS Office intercourse/format things]
"Nightly"  development versions. Techies who can fix breaks only!

I always download and update as a whole suite when advised via the
'installed about' says new version for appropriate update from their site.

However from the UK Mirrors, the files are sometimes stored separately
as Writer, Calc etc and that may be where you should try or email them
and ask where single programs are available. Note there is a large
'core'  which is built on to by the sub programs.

Eion MacDonald

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