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[LUG] Upgrades


I have been using Linux for many years, but I still get puzzled about updates to the software. Perhaps someone could help.

I do get occasionally get a message that some updates are available, of course. Simple, 'install now'. I also run update manager myself via alt-F2, again easy. I notice however that some of my programs don't get updated. The latest version of Libre Office, for example, is 5.3. When I check my current version I see it is So it seems that all my updates have not touched libre office. So I looked at updating it for myself.

There seem to be four possibilities.

1. A deb file is available. or to be exact a deb.tar.gz file. In the past I have always used a deb file if possible, but recently I was warned by the group that this is not necessarily a good idea.

2. A ppa is available. Again I have used them in the past, but I know that this is frowned upon by some. These files do get added to the repository so then any updates are automatic.

3. Libre office, it seems, is now available as a 'snap' package, whatever that is. It will install the new version alongside the old one, so that both are available. Two problems for me. I don't seem to have a snap package on my system. Also, this method will install the whole suite. I just use writer and calc.

4. In a terminal use apt-get update and apt-get upgrade. The first three methods are aimed a libre office only. This fourth method will, presumably, go through the whole computer and upgrade all files.

Is it any wonder that I am confused? If anyone could help me here I would be very grateful. Others on the list may also find it useful.



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