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Re: [LUG] signal messaging app


On Mon, 6 Feb 2017, Tom via list wrote:

using signal?

/I'd guess you gave it permission to use your contacts list - so it matches the phone numbers up et voila!/

Well, yes. As an SMS app. it needs that access. However what it appears also to have done is upload my contacts (and everyone elses) to some centralised "server" where it can do a match to see who knows who and who is using signal so it can send a notification to each party concerned asking them to connect ... I'd like to think it sends a hash of each contact and uses that to match rather than the actual details, but I've really not looked that deeply into it. It got uninstalled after the 2nd notification I got at 3am.

I've found the best way to use a phone is to turn all notifications off.

My mobile device is more than a phone though. There are some notifications I want to get.


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