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Re: [LUG] Recommendations for low power proxy/NAS box


On 04/01/17 14:02, Gordon Henderson via list wrote:
On Wed, 4 Jan 2017, Tom via list wrote:

I was hoping for well under Â100 - I'm using a pi -zero at the moment and while it runs pretty well IO is getting to be a concern. I'd love a Pi3 with decent IO but that seems to cost Â100 more for no reason!

I don't understand why you think a Pi v3 is Â100 more than a Zero. It's precisely Â20 more where I buy them from. The Pi 3 has on-board Wi-Fi, however it's limited to 40Mb/sec.

The USB IO speed is identical to that on the Pi Zero. The CPU clock is much quicker, asd is the RAM speed, so that will help a little.

Personally I'd not use a Pi as a home server for many reasons, other than for academic purposes. ie. it'll work, but ...

I use Intel Atom systems. They're under 15W + disk power now and performance is more than adequate. If you want something ready made, look for the HP Microervers - there are often Â100 cashback deals on them and they have a good spec.


Its the Pi3 with decent IOÂ that is Â100 more. I've tried one of my Pi3s and it isnt much faster than the zero on the same job.

I'm wanting something I can plug in USB 3 drives and rotate them out to the shed for safe-backup reasons - a full backup on my new laptop takes about 4 hours to USB3 and a diff backup to the zero on a monthly basis takes around 12..15 hrs - I have a huge number of very small files and it seems checking these takes a long time - I'm using rsync and that seems to check only one file at a time so even on USB3 on the same machine data rates can drop off enormously.

Its interesting to note that the small files (over a million small midi files) , when put into a database, backup faster when the whole database is moved than just checking each one for a change so I'm going to modify how I hold and use them. Fortunately the DB approach is far more utilitarian anyway.

Tom te tom te tom

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