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Re: [LUG] Recommendations for low power proxy/NAS box


On 04/01/17 11:20, Tom via list wrote:
On 04/01/17 11:15, M. J. Everitt via list wrote:
On 04/01/17 11:00, Tom via list wrote:
Looking for something I can stick some USB drives into and do backups
to. I'd probably like to use it for repository proxy as well.

Seemed to have lost the ability to google these things!

Tom te tom te tom

USB3 I'm assuming, rather than SATA? What budget are you looking at?
Because for the money, the HP MicroServer's do take a bit of beating for
an x86_64 platform, and there are few ARM processors with USB3
backplanes as yet.

Otherwise, if you really don't care for bandwidth - there's an R-PI ;)

PS. North Devon folks .. we got a meeting this month? Sorry I couldn't
make it to last - work drama :(

I was hoping for well under Â100 - I'm using a pi -zero at the moment and while it runs pretty well IO is getting to be a concern. I'd love a Pi3 with decent IO but that seems to cost Â100 more for no reason!

Tom te tom te tom

My other suggestion would be to knock up a cheapish Intel Celery Dual-core ITX board in a cube ITX-type case, 2GB RAM, HDD .. of ya go .. should be ~Â100 all-in. Have done a couple of these for print servers/etc with a J1800 board but I think these were superseded.


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