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[LUG] Scam calls - again


I don't get many scam phone calls. I have Caller Display set up on my phone so if I see International or Outside Area on the screen I know not to bother to answer. (I never get any international calls from any family or friends.)

However, in the last two days I have had two calls which were obviously scams, but the display showed a normal looking number. Yesterday 01340 075 131 and today 01340 074 861. Because they looked like normal UK numbers I was not alerted. I finished up listening to some kind person from "Technical Support" telling me that I had a problem with my Windows computer which they could sort out for me. Yeah, right.

My first thoughts are that there are two possible explanations. The callers are using some clever set up to make the numbers look like normal UK numbers, or these scammers are actually in the UK. Has anyone on the list come across this at all?

Just wondering,


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