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Re: [LUG] Commandeering X


On 21 January 2014 13:39, Kevin Lucas <kevin.lucas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
from my Sun days don't you need xhosts + set?

Good call but I don't *think* it's quite what I need. I suspect the solution lies with 'xauth' or its associated files and/or environment variables. IIUC xhost  allows me to run an X client (X program) on my machine with its output displayed on the target machine's X server, kind of the reverse of ssh's X11 forwarding (and without crypto).

In the problem scenario, I am actually already running locally (though in a terminal session accessed remotely via ssh). I'm trying to spawn a desktop session to take over the X11 display, replacing the greeter, from "underneath" rather than by using the greeter (and the local keyboard).

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