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Re: [LUG] TomTom Start 60 / MyDriveConnect and Linux.


On 17/01/14 12:29, Julian Hall wrote:
> Thanks for the advice.. it's a triple-boot box - Windows XP and 7, Mint
> 16 - so it's not a /great/ imposition to boot into Windows occasionally
> and check it, I just wondered if there were any native Linux suggestions :)

Two things: surely with less than three months of support left, it's
time to ditch that worthless XP install? You've got Win7 and Mint left,
it's time to let that crappy 13 year old OS go at this point...

Also, did you know that you can use VirtualBox and most other popular
virtualization tools to directly access the raw partitions of your
on-disk Windows installs from your Linux system? As in, you can run your
'real' Windows install as a VM on Linux.

I'd do your TomTom updates on the Windows side as well, especially as
you have it already available. Trying to make it work on Linux when
you've got Win7 there and ready seems like a bit of an exercise in


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