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Re: [LUG] TomTom Start 60 / MyDriveConnect and Linux.


Thanks for the advice.. it's a triple-boot box - Windows XP and 7, Mint 16 - so it's not a /great/ imposition to boot into Windows occasionally and check it, I just wondered if there were any native Linux suggestions :)

Kind regards,


On 17/01/14 10:53, Tremayne, Steve wrote:
My brother recently got a TomTom with his job and I was dreading this question coming up 
because I setup one of their laptops with Mint... the other was rebuilt (again!) with 
Vista just to get him up & running.

One thought which I had - but have not actually tried yet - is to run a simple 
Windows VM in VirtualBox and use its USB pass-through functionality to get this to 

In this case, they have a spare retail Windows license (not OEM), so it's a "legal" 
use of the license...

Like I said - I've not tried it yet, but it might help...

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Hi All,

In Windows I use the TomTom MyDriveConnect software to update my TomTom Start 60 as 
I have free updates for life (yes well we'll see what their definition of 'life' is, 
but anyway).  The problem is the MDC software won't work under WINE and despite the 
fact you can of course log into the website in Firefox as you can in Windows, it 
won't detect the device to allow updates as it requires MDC to work.  You can't 
download the updates as you used to be able to do and then just copy them to the SD 
card because this one doesn't have an SD card.. it's all onboard memory and they 
won't let you just download the files anyway.  TomTom's Customer Service are 
conspicuous by their absence to all requests on the forums - including their own 
website support - to develop MDC for Linux.

Linux distro: Mint 16


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