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[LUG] OT: Updating windows was Re: CentOS and it's useful lack of network on boot


On 15 Jan 2014, at 22:05, bad apple <mr.meowski@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> If you're network is sufficiently big to actually need and roll out
> WSUS, you've probably got a whole other bunch of Windows servers and
> roles going on and likely have access to much better tools and toys,
> like System Center, OpenView, Spice, etc. If the 2012r2 interface annoys
> you that much why not just get a free download of ClassicShell? That'll
> fix it to behave just like Win7 and earlier versions.

Had you down as the kind of person to install WSUS when a second computer arrives on 
the network, given your "nothing changes without me authorising it" approach to 
system admin.

What's the alternative you'd suggest for smaller networks? of Windows machines. Say 
the 0 to 50 desktops range.

Microsoft say set a group policy to use Windows Update, which is probably sound 
advice for a small domain, with just regular boring desktops for Word-processing and 
Email, and little other infrastructure to break.

Somewhere an admin is sticking Windows update monitoring into Nagios and cursing the 
vagaries of Powershell and Windows admin rights, but that is probably fine for the 
odd server inflicted on us by history, in a tightly controlled environment, where we 
just need the odd bit of Microsoft server software to work, and Nagios or similar is 
a given for the Linux or Unix side of thing. We'll know it needs patching, we'll do 
it manually, and test, and roll-out in a really small deployment (of Windows 
anyway). Even here WSUS is looking like it might have some benefits.

I'm definitely not a Windows admin, so curious where folks go here, and how well it 

Microsoft seem to see the third party software update thing, as well as some 
improved management, as a revenue stream, which is perhaps where Linux distros went 
wrong, if Debian had a penny for every package I'd updated from their mirrors....
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