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Re: [LUG] CentOS and it's useful lack of network on boot


On 15/01/2014 21:15, Simon Waters wrote:
Not seen it.

But I've typically not done raw installs to XEN, usually there is a button to press 
labelled give me a VM with X (or a command in the case of the Debian XEN packages).

Dare I ask where you are doing it?

I'm doing it on a XenServer machine at work, a little side project to pass the evening along. We've got a pre-configured snapshot of Debian but using the Citrix XenServer console I can't see an option to just build a server for me, it either offers to install from the ISO or do a network install (not really an ideal option right now with a slow Internet connection).

If it makes you feel better there was a Debian "feature" where interfaces were 
recorded in /etc/idev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules, and if the same interface had a new MAC 
it got the interface name corrupted. This sort of thing and network manager makes one long for 
the days of:

mknod /dev/eth0 ....

And having to discover the various magic numbers associated with your ethernet 
device and driver, at least you only had to do it once per new network card...

Ahh interesting, didn't know about that. I'd say one of the great things about Debian I've found (well in the past 2 years I've been using it) is that it seems to just work :-)

One of these days I'll probably sit down and learn a bit about RedHat :-)


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