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Re: [LUG] CentOS and it's useful lack of network on boot


Not seen it. 

But I've typically not done raw installs to XEN, usually there is a button to press 
labelled give me a VM with X (or a command in the case of the Debian XEN packages).

Dare I ask where you are doing it?

If it makes you feel better there was a Debian "feature" where interfaces were 
recorded in /etc/idev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules, and if the same interface had 
a new MAC it got the interface name corrupted. This sort of thing and network 
manager makes one long for the days of:

mknod /dev/eth0 ....

And having to discover the various magic numbers associated with your ethernet 
device and driver, at least you only had to do it once per new network card...

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