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[LUG] Router mysteries


Now here's a funny thing.
I got a nice new router for Xmas, a TP-Link TD-W8968 with an oh so handy usb connection for me to play with. I connected it, set it up to my user name and password and the network manager said it was connected. But it wasn't, no data being downloaded. Back to the old router which connected fine so I looked at the user name and password on that. And lo and behold I had a user name that wasn't mine, with a password that I couldn't read, naturally.

My user name is MyBrixhamPhoneNumber@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The user name in my old router (a Daycom? I don't have it to hand) was ADifferentBrixhamPhoneNumber@xxxxxxxxxxxxx I have been running this modem for close to 10 years off and on and I certainly never put that user name in. A couple of service calls to Direct Save Telecom (DST) later and the problem with the new router turned out to be that it was set up for Israel on the VPI/VCI settings. So much for quick set-up wizards. But DST couldn't explain to me how my old modem setting had changed but they did say that they use the Talk Talk kit in the Brixham exchange. I did flirt with moving to Talk Talk sometime last year but I came to my senses and cancelled

The saga continues. I had a call from DST yesterday re my router. I switch all my kit off at night, including the router, and BT had been on to DST saying this was screwing up their monitoring equipment and indicating a faulty line. Could I leave my router permanently switched on please? BT not Talk Talk?

I think I've been sharing a line with someone for a good while and that their router has been permanently switched on. Or what? Answers on a post card to Confused of Brixham.


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