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Re: [LUG] So long, and thanks for all the fish...


On 06/01/14 17:13, Eion MacDonald wrote:
> On 06/01/2014 12:10, Philip Hudson wrote:
>> To this end I am dropping off the DCLUG mailing list, as I no longer
>> reside in either Devon or Cornwall.
> Apart from doing my army diving exams in the murk of water off Devon and
> Cornwall, I have never been in these regions. Not being there is no bar
> to listening to wisdom of other.
> We grow in knowledge based on listening to others.
>  I live in "Occupied Lancashire" (changed to Cheshire to dire disgust of
> the natives here in 'Culcheth") for last 35 years. This does not
> preclude correspondence with remote LUGs

I'm a West Country Boy (well 71yo) born and bred
(Exeter/Saltash/Plymouth and since 2005 I've been residing in Cumbria.
Unfortunately the Cumbrian LUG collapsed in mid 2012 so i stayed on with
DCLUG because all the brains are down there.


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