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Re: [LUG] OT: Virginmedia Superhub - Modem Only


On 05/01/14 21:50, bad apple wrote:
On 05/01/14 16:41, Julian Hall wrote:
Hi All,

Just thought this may be of interest as some list members may be on
Virgin.  A friend of mine recently told me that Virgin download the
config of your Superhub from your network, which not only contains your
WiFi password etc but also the MAC addresses of any equipment you have
Whilst this wouldn't surprise me in the least, do you have any better
references than "my mate told me"?
Fair question.. I've asked him for a link (or links) from the forums he was on. I should have said in the original mail that he was referring to forum posts he had read.
It's probably worth pointing out that
most major ISPs have effectively 'root' access to the hubs they supply
customers with, which are technically actually still their property in
most cases: you're just renting them. This is how Virgin, BT, Sky, etc
can forcibly push firmware updates to them on demand
Again both fair points.

Having said that, even if the forums are just scare-mongering - and I don't know why they would - as I mentioned previously the Superhub is known for having poor WiFi so it was worth doing for that reason alone.


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