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Re: [LUG] Sharing movies and photos


On Sat, 4 Jan 2014 13:02:38 +0000, Richard Brown
> Hi Guys
> I now have the HP running with Ubuntu Desktop. I now need to configure
> to allow me to connect to it to run movies and view photos. Would I do
> using ssh or some other way please? Also when I connect a photo card is
> possible to Ubuntu to automatically pull in the photos to a particular
> location and store by date please?
> Many thanks

While I'm not sure about the photo card (IIRC udev can detect the
insertion of a card and run commands), I can possibly give a couple of
suggestions on the video bits.

When you say you want to connect to it?  Do you mean you want to connect
from a remote machine or view anything on the Microserver itself?

My Microserver runs Debian and has an NVidia Gefore 210 card in it (was
about 25 quid) which fits in the low profile PCI Express slot which is
connected to my TV via HDMI.  I've got a basic install of X which I can
then run XBMC on for playing videos and viewing photos on the TV.

XBMC supports uPNP so devices like the PS3 (and I think XBOX360) can
access the server and pick up media.  Other than that I've configured a
couple of Samba shares to share the media across the network (mainly for
other XBMC installations, it works reasonably well on a Raspberry Pi).

Our two Nook HD tablets are running XBMC (13 Alpha 11) too (only just
looked at it on Android this weekend).  You'll not find it in the Play
Store but you can side-load the app if you download it and have other
sources enabled (I gather it works on phones too but I've not tried it, I
think the screen would be a bit too small for my liking, 7 inches is about
the smallest I can see without squinting).  They too can pick up the Samba
shares on the server and play videos and music.

I've also now got SuperSonic (a fork of Subsonic) installed on the server
which can stream music (FLAC, OGG, MP3 etc) and video too our Android
phones.  It will even do it over the Internet too (well the music streaming
works, not tried video streaming over the Internet).  It means I can rip
all my CDs to FLAC format and access them from my phone (or the kids can
access it from their phones) and it transcodes into MP3 on the fly and
streams and caches on the phone.  Also works for video on the tablet too,
transcoding into FLV format and playing in XBMC.  For Android I've been
using the client DSub.

I gather that there are various clients for other phones too (IOS,
Blackberry, Windows Phone) and it also has a built in web client/player.


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