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Re: [LUG] Talktalk fttc Exwick


On Wed, 1 Jan 2014 13:23:38 +0000, Daniel Robinson <manipula@xxxxxxxxx>
> Well.. Talktalk customer service is excellent! although they didnt fix
> problem.
> They answered the phone within one ring...
> The guy on the phone knew what he was talking about and had already run
> line tests and such by the time i had finished telling him about my
> out.
> The call was passed to the manager where i then said how excellent
> service is.
> I really can not reccommend them enough. They have come on leaps and
> in the last few years.
> I used to tell people to avoid talktalk now i cant reccommend them
> Pleased to be with them... Cheesed off that i am without internet
> What are other peoples recent experiences with talktalk?

To be fair I've only had two recent experiences with Talktalk, one was
with my dad's broadband (he's been with them for years) and it's been
reasonably ok (nothing to shout about though), and a secondary connection
at work which is great (considering the long line length we actually get a
pretty good speed).  So yeah as ISPs go, I think they're probably not too
bad.  I'd consider them as an alternative to Virgin if FTTC was available
in my area (although I'd still probably go with Zen).

O2 weren't bad too when I called them and Sky have been reasonably good
(my mum uses them, not had an issue yet).

Now BT Retail on the other hand... yeah, I don't really have many nice
things to say about them and the issues I had with them a couple of years
ago :-(


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