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Re: [LUG] Desktop Linux



Just used unetbootin to create a usb boot of Debian and once again the
HP server didn't boot from it. Back to an earlier question. I have a
Verbatim USB Memory stick. Would that matter? Is it better to go for a
better named stick please?

On 1 January 2014 10:40, Richard Brown <rich@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi
> On 31 December 2013 20:14, bad apple <mr.meowski@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> You still haven't specifically said if:
>> A: your current FreeNAS USB stick boots on another PC
>> B: any random linux installer via unetbootin works on the HP
>> It would definitely help get to the bottom of this.
>> How much RAM will it have in total soon then? And you didn't
>> accidentally end up with a mix of ECC and non-ECC I trust...
> Thanks for the reply. The FreeNAS recognises the device but won't boot
> from it. I will try with a random installer. Is it worth doing Debian
> as that is what I will probably use if I choose to change.
> I contacted Crucial because I had the right part number but it was US,
> they gave me the correct UK part number. Thanks for asking though.
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Richard Brown
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