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Re: [LUG] rtb for windows was Simple programming language


On 26/11/13 19:18, Gordon Henderson wrote:
> The issue with windows is the same old thing -running "third
> party" software on a locked-down Win PC - is it actually possible
> in todays corporate outsourced school PC world...

Ideally the resultant package would be either in the "portable" style
of portable Firefox, Tor Browser Bundle, etc, where one simply unzips
the complete package to an arbitrary point on the User-writeable
account and runs from there; or like Cygwin, which can be installed to
a similarly arbitrary writeable location within the account and then
pre-pending the necessary values to $PATH (scriptable via a batch as
part of the installer); or even like Google Chrome, which installs to
the "local" section of a user's account rather than to a system
directory (which is why Google chose to do this incidentally: they
knew that many of their potential users were in corporate environments
on locked-down installs, frustrated with their IT-mandated Internet
Explorer crap so wanted to bypass Admin restrictions).

So definitely possible in theory, although I have no idea how deeply
your RTB package would need to integrate with Windows system utilities.

I'd actually be willing to help with this when the testing point
comes, particularly as I have access to lots and lots of disparate
corporate Windows networks to actually try deployment. I could also
test the Mac side of things of well, but I share your pessimism on
that front...


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