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Re: [LUG] rtb for windows was Simple programming language


On Tue, 26 Nov 2013, Paul Sutton wrote:

On 26/11/13 15:04, Julian Hall wrote:

On 16/11/13 19:33, stinga wrote:
G'day all,

I am in the local school teaching programming and I want a non gui
programming language.
Old style like BASIC.

I want to teach programming without having to teach a load GUI to get
a simple program going.
BASIC seemed like a good idea.
Got to run on Windows , that's what they have.
We have used scratch so far, brilliant but they love putting in loads
of sounds and stuff that really don't help the learning process.

Interpreted would be good but if we have to compile then I don't mind.

Any suggestions?

I am sure between us, as a user group and with help / guidance from
Gordon we can compile or get return to basic working under windows,  and
maybe even (ducks) mac.   this means people can learn the same language
on different operating systems, have these programs just work when
loaded in,  regardless of operating system.

It was compiled for the Mac once... Then it turns out there are two different Mac run-times for programs using SDL, so it became slightly sub-optimal there.

As for the Win version - well progress has been made. Just need to conditionally compile out some Linuxy things and we might be in with a chance - watch this space, but not too closely - my workload until about February is off the scale )-:

Just don't expect a program using the GPIO on a Pi to work on a Win PC though...

If we take it as a teaching perspective then it may help schools out and
anything developed on windows will work on the raspberry pi and the
other way round.  Having rtb on Windows is better than schools being
tied in to what will become expensive proprietary systems later on,  and
trust these education software companies are going to be rubbing their
hands with glee at the prospect of having for example schools python for
a huge price tag,  so basically charging for a nice interface for what
can be done free of charge.  sadly schools WILL buy in to this.

We're exhibiting FUZE at BETT and there is a rumour that Maplin might even stock them too...

The issue with windows is the same old thing -running "third party" software on a locked-down Win PC - is it actually possible in todays corporate outsourced school PC world...

If we can get it working under mac then I can hopefully get it installed
at parkfield youth centre and as long as it works, i can start using it
with some of the young people on my computer group,

I'm personally not that bothered about the Mac version right now, although it is there, but (from memory of when we did it), it looks like the Macs at Parkfield have the "other" SDL runtime on them which you can't change...


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