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Re: [LUG] Microsoft Sabotage


On 24/11/13 22:56, bad apple wrote:
I thought this list had been suspiciously quiet for a while, so I
eventually got around to it and just checked the archives online...
where it became obvious I just wasn't getting the current emails.

Well, I guess the joke of subscribing to a LUG with a Microsoft account
backfired in the end. Pretty inevitable I suppose. At least we've learnt

A: Microsoft still can't run a mail service properly
B: Microsoft seem to like Phil Hudson


Thought you had been rather quiet lately. I am so pleased to be in the happy position of having absolutely nothing to do with MS at all. I am retired, so no need to bother about anything at work. Windows is not allowed on any computer here at home. And the last time I used Windows in anger was when Windows 98 first came out! So Linux only for about 14 years now.

Welcome back,


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