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[LUG] Microsoft Sabotage


I thought this list had been suspiciously quiet for a while, so I
eventually got around to it and just checked the archives online...
where it became obvious I just wasn't getting the current emails.

So I fired up my secondary Tor-routed browser in paranoia mode, actually
signed in to the Microsoft outlook.com web interface for the only time
after actually creating it and had a poke around. Great: Microsoft had
"helpfully" turned SmartScreen back on (I had immediately disabled it on
account creation, it's worthless) and been redirecting *everything* from
this list straight into Junk. Because I use Thunderbird normally, which
doesn't automatically subscribe you to certain subfolders over POP3
(yes, Microsoft still don't offer IMAP access to proper email clients)
the Junk folder hadn't been visible and I've only just spotted it.

Probably also worth pointing out that despite expertly trashing
everything from this list - despite the fact that any "smart" filter
should have picked up on the obvious fact that I've directly replied to
list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx multiple times so it's obviously not Junk - Microsoft
still happily let a whole load of other actual spammy crap straight
through into my Inbox. Classy.

There was one funny anomaly though - in it's infinite wisdom, the
Microsoft SmartScreen was letting through most of the emails from
exactly one person on this list: Mr Phil Hudson. Who I think actually
hates Microsoft more than any other person I know, and I know a lot of
Linux sysadmins...

Well, I guess the joke of subscribing to a LUG with a Microsoft account
backfired in the end. Pretty inevitable I suppose. At least we've learnt

A: Microsoft still can't run a mail service properly
B: Microsoft seem to like Phil Hudson


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