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Re: [LUG] OT: Raspberry Pi, wireless keyboard, WiFi dongle


On 24/11/13 21:28, Gordon Henderson wrote:
On Sun, 24 Nov 2013, Julian Hall wrote:

It suggests the problem is power to the Pi's USB, and with both wireless keyboard and WiFi dongle it's sucking too much for the WiFi to perform properly.

Not neccessarily.

With power issues, things will either work or not work. It's rare (on the Pi) to get a grey area like this. You would be seeing the Pi rebooting or the dongles powering up then down - with the resulting messages in the log-file (which I presume you've checked)

What's more likely to be happening is that your wireless keyboard/mouse interface is basically shite and spewing forth garbage all over the 2.4GHz spectrum. Sadly this is not uncommon and I've seen it before.

I'd move the wireless dongle OR the Wi-Fi adapter (or both) physically far away from each other. Get a USB extension lead and put one at the end of it. It probably doesn't matter which one, but put it at least a meter away, if possible.

Also run (or get) a phone app called Wi-Fi Analyzer, and pick the least congested channel for your access point, if you've not already done so - the problem here is that it will not pickup the wireless keyboard dongle as it's not using Wi-Fi, but will be using its own proprietary spread spectrum protocol. (and spewing all over the entire 2.4Ghz spectrum)


Thanks Gordon.. I do actually have a USB extension lead.. I think it's a metre or so.. I'll dig it out and give it a try. As I said in the original mail I did use Wifi Analyzer and the signal strength is good.. no other detected networks; not surprising as I live in a detached bungalow and the couple one side don't go on the Internet - at least I've never detected another network, other than the family the other side whose network isn't detected very often, and I've set my channel as far from theirs as possible.

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