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Re: [LUG] Crash reports


On 24/11/13 12:09, Martin Gautier wrote:

With Ubuntu, the dialog that pops up to say a program has crashed is
"apport". This sends a report off to Canonical if you tell it to. After
agreeing, another dialog pops up to say it's gathering information, at
this point you can usually see what program has crashed and from there
get clues as to which log to look in.

Does Xubuntu use apport?

In my experience, it's usually a graphics related issue - especially if
it happens regularly.


Thanks. Till now I have always cancelled the idea of sending off a report. This time I did choose that option and this brought up the facility to look at details, This shows me that my problem is with VBox. So I have now sorted it out. Now when I log on there is no longer any error message. (Being VBox also shows me why I did not have any problems with the computer apart from the message.)


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