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Re: [LUG] Crash reports


On 24/11/13 11:37, Neil Winchurst wrote:

On 24/11/13 09:12, Simon Waters wrote:

Suggest you clarify question. Typically programs crash not packages. So suggest you tell us what you are doing, with which distro, with which desktop, the exact error message you see. See ESR article on asking smart questions.


Sorry, not explicit enough. I am running Xubuntu 12.04 on a desktop. The desktop manager is Xfce. Recently, every time I log on a small windows appears on the screen telling me that a program has crashed, now or recently and please click on the icon on the panel. When I do that I am told again that a program has crashed. I click on that line of text and another small window appears giving me a choice: report the problem or cancel.

I click on cancel and window disappears. At no time am I told which program has crashed. So I thought about the log files which are created automatically, but there are so many under/var/log that I was asking which one I should read, in order to find out which program has apparently crashed.

Also I should add that the computer seems to be just fine after all that rigmarole and no more messages appear.



With Ubuntu, the dialog that pops up to say a program has crashed is "apport". This sends a report off to Canonical if you tell it to. After agreeing, another dialog pops up to say it's gathering information, at this point you can usually see what program has crashed and from there get clues as to which log to look in.

Does Xubuntu use apport?

In my experience, it's usually a graphics related issue - especially if it happens regularly.


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