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[LUG] Rubbish emails


I am used to receiving scam emails, though not many. Just today I have had two identical ones, supposedly from DHL. This tells me that they tried to deliver a parcel at 10.10 last Wednesday, but no one was in. As it happens we *were* in.

Then it goes on to say that if it is not picked up within 72 hours it will be returned to sender. It even includes a label number. Then, and here's the best bit, I am invited to read an enclosed file for details. Would you believe the said 'enclosed file', actually an attachment, is a zip file?

Now the email address used is one I rarely use at all. I have never given this email address to DHL, or to anyone else for that matter. And, if I fell for all that, would DHL send a *zip* file to give me some simple details about a parcel? LOL.

So what has this to do with Linux? Well, I assume that, if I were silly enough to click on the attachment, any nasties would fail to run because I am not using Windows. Is that a fair assumption?



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