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Re: [LUG] Propaganda


On 20/11/13 13:33, Philip Hudson wrote:
In the morally-neutral straight-Latin-translation sense: that which is fit to be propagated. A wonderful story which I think we all know the outlines of already, but let's spread it far and wide.


Just for laughs, can I add: "Die Microsoft die die die!"

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This shows the real problem of migrating IT, not just from Microsoft to Linux but anything to anything.  It is a long term task which is easily interrupted for political reasons; it is unusual to have management continuity over such a long period and when management/government changes then projects get cut and changed.

Getting something like this approved, because it is so long term, is very difficult to start with.  The modern mind set is "We want it now", so they get a short term promise with long term pain, and all too often, failure. 

Munich here have taken their time to rationalise 22 different departments into a homogeneous whole without sweeping the problems under the carpet for the sake of expediency, and ended with a fine working solution. Unfortunately, I don't think that there is a government department/ local government authority in the UK capable of doing this under our current structure.

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