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Re: [LUG] Simple programming language


On 16/11/13 19:33, stinga wrote:
G'day all,

I am in the local school teaching programming and I want a non gui programming language.
Old style like BASIC.

I want to teach programming without having to teach a load GUI to get a simple program going.
BASIC seemed like a good idea.
Got to run on Windows , that's what they have.
We have used scratch so far, brilliant but they love putting in loads of sounds and stuff that really don't help the learning process.

Interpreted would be good but if we have to compile then I don't mind.

Any suggestions?

Java? Using an IDE like Eclipse or Netbeans it's wholly code input, even the GUI creation, and it's cross-platform so whatever computers or OSs the children use elsewhere they'd still be able to use it. Also if they progress later on to the likes of C++ it's similar enough to give them a good head-start. I started teaching myself with Sam's Teach Yourself Java which gives a good grounding. Also with Java you could then start teaching them to write simple apps for Android mobile phones which ought to keep their interest :)


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