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Re: [LUG] Fwd: FTTC - follow up


On 15/11/13 14:11, Anthony Williams wrote:

That agrees with what I was told too, and I also decided it wasn't worth
it for now. There's nowhere sensible to put a modem in our tiny hall ---
the power socket is on the opposite side to the phone socket, so that
would mean cabling one way or the other, plus a modem would be
unsightly, no matter how tiny.

If I could get the master socket moved to my office (immediately above
the hall, but currently without a phone socket), or into the bedroom
(which is where the current modem + router are) then that would be
grand, but I don't want trailing cables, or too much drilling (for the
W-A-F), and I wonder how ready the engineer would be to do such work,
even if I asked nicely.


You seem to be even worse off than I am. My master socket is just inside the front door, but at least I do have a double power socket alongside it. As for the modem being unsightly, it seems that the one provided by the engineer can be wall mounted, which might help.

I am considering having a cat-5 cable set up from the hall up to the bedroom. We do have an electrician living on the estate so I could always ask for an estimate. Should not be a big job. And that would mean that I could connect my current router to the master socket which should perhaps help.

It would be good to see you at one of out meetings,


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