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Re: [LUG] Fwd: FTTC - follow up


On 15/11/13 13:07, Neil Winchurst wrote:
> I live in a fairly new house, 2002, in a small estate. The master socket
> for the phone is just inside the front door. There are also extension
> sockets in the lounge and upstairs in the master bedroom and one of the
> smaller bedrooms. 

That sounds like my house :-)

> Why all this going on about the master socket? Well, since I have lived
> here I have always had my desktop computer in the smaller bedroom and
> used the extension socket. This has worked really well. Now I find that,
> for FTTC, I *must* use the master socket, which is in the entrance hall.
> This seems to be the scenario if I decide to go for fibre. An Openreach
> engineer will come to install a 'Service Specific Front Plate' to the
> master socket. He will also provide a modem (please note, not a router)
> which will need to be connected to my router. I have found out that my
> current router will not work so I will have to buy a new one. (It may be
> that the engineer will also provide a suitable router.)
> Now my problem is that I want my router to be upstairs, not by the front
> door. So I will need to find some way to get a cable from the hall up to
> the bedroom upstairs. My feeling at the moment is that I can't be
> bothered with the hassle and the cost. I already get about 12 Mb/s at
> the moment, and that should be fine.

That agrees with what I was told too, and I also decided it wasn't worth
it for now. There's nowhere sensible to put a modem in our tiny hall ---
the power socket is on the opposite side to the phone socket, so that
would mean cabling one way or the other, plus a modem would be
unsightly, no matter how tiny.

If I could get the master socket moved to my office (immediately above
the hall, but currently without a phone socket), or into the bedroom
(which is where the current modem + router are) then that would be
grand, but I don't want trailing cables, or too much drilling (for the
W-A-F), and I wonder how ready the engineer would be to do such work,
even if I asked nicely.

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