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Re: [LUG] Fibre broadband


On 14/11/13 20:11, Tom wrote:

I could have the new modem plus my router set up in the entrance hall
and run all my broadband via wifi.

I could have the master socket moved upstairs. Since there is already
an extension socket in the upstairs room (presumably cat-5) which I am
using at the moment this may be a reasonable suggestion.

I could have the new modem downstairs linked by cable to the router

I could decide not to bother and stay as I am.

I just did not expect it to be so complicated, though after all my
years working with computers I should have expected it.


I wouldn't trust to all wifi - I only ever do banking over ethernet!
Tom te tom te tom

Agreed. I do use internet banking, only ever on my desktop which is linked to the router by cable.


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