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Re: [LUG] Fibre broadband


On 14/11/13 12:55, Kai Hendry wrote:
They install one of these white boxes as I have photographed here:

There is a good blog
explaining why this modem is a good thing.

My FTTC experience is documented on

Hopefully you'll get better speeds than I did!

Apologies for the delayed reply to all the emails on this thread. I have was away from yesterday morning (Wed) till this afternoon (Thur).
Anyway, thanks to all so far. Am I more confused? A bit.

I get the impression that any BT engineer that comes to set my FTTC up will change the faceplate on the main phone socket. There seems also to be some mention of a router. (Obviously O already have one in use.) And there is also something about needing to have the router attached to that main socket. Have I got that right?

My problem is that the main BT socket here is just inside the front door, in our small entrance hall. I do have a phone connected there, but there is just no room for a desk and computer. So I have my router connected by a cable to a phone extension line in a room upstairs. Is that going to cause a problem?



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