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Re: [LUG] Fibre broadband


On Wed, 13 Nov 2013, Daniel Robinson wrote:

The other part of the visit is the visit to the cabinet itself, where they
bridge your line from the coper wire cabinet to the fibre cabinet. Not sure
why you'd get the bill for this.

You get a bill because BT bill the ISP who then passes it in to you.

There has always been an activation fee for ADSL - this is just a bit more for FTTC/FTTP installs.

Some ISPs hide the BT activation fee by charging you a fraction more and locking you into a 1 (or more) year contract.

If you bought ADSL from me, I'd charge you the Â45 fee plus VAT for the install (plus any hardware on-top of that - modem/router, etc.), but only give you a 1-month contract.

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