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Re: [LUG] Fibre broadband


On 13/11/13 08:51, Daniel Robinson wrote:

On 13 November 2013 08:49, Neil Winchurst <barnaby@xxxxxxxxxxxx
<mailto:barnaby@xxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    In Holsworthy we are getting fibre to the cabinet set up. It is well
    on the way, the new cabinets are installed and BT have reached the
    testing stage. In fact the latest news is that it should be ready
    next month. So I have been looking it up on Google etc.

    I am now a bit puzzled. My current ISP does provide it and in fact
    the monthly payment is less than I pay now. However they have a one
    off set up fee of £102. The note about it says that this includes
    'arranging for an engineer to visit my house to install the service'.

    I have looked at other ISP's and, while prices and set ups vary,
    there does not seem to be any mention of sending anyone to the house
    or any payment for it.

    Also, a bit annoying, some of them want to set up a 'package' which
    includes the phone rental, calls etc. And, if I don't want to have
    this, they will charge extra for my not having it included.

    So at the moment I am very confused. Can anyone clarify the
    situation for me please?


> Basically, you get a guy come to your house and fit a faceplate with an
inbuilt filter where your standard phone line should be.
That's it!

Sounds like something that I could do myself. Not worth a charge of over £100 in my opinion.


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