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Re: [LUG] Linux Format Magazine


On 12/11/13 18:58, Rob Beard wrote:
On Tue, 12 Nov 2013 17:25:27 +0000, "Tremayne, Steve"
<steven.tremayne@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I guess I'm still old-school... I enjoy reading stuff "offline"...

The cover DVDs are a mixed blessing - complete waste of time when we can
download it in seconds, but for those that have no ADSL (inc 3rd world
countries - it's a global mag), then the DVD's their only way of keeping
to date.
Even if you're in this country living out in the sticks can mean really
slow download speeds and sometimes it's just easier to get the ISO on a
DVD, plus there's stuff on there that sometimes I might not have considered
looking at :-)

Plus... it saves me having to download a distro, just to burn to a disk,
just to recover someone's knackered windows partition :)

Yup, it's come in handy a few times for me too, just having a DVD handy in
my laptop case or even in the car for those "while you're here can you have
a look at my laptop?" moments.

But yeah, I've got quite a pile of CDs / DVDs here now ... not sure what
to make from them - perhaps a parabolic solar collector death ray?


Finally a use for all those old AOL CDs :-)


  If I had kept all those AOL cd's I could burn the sun!
Tom te tom te tom

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