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[LUG] Meeting in south east Cornwall


Hi i'm daniel, i am putting out some feelers to see if anyone would like to meet at www.makerjunction.org cafe once a month. It's a nice cafe situated on the Rame Peninsula in a beautiful part of the county. The cafe has wifi internet access and nice food and drinks also available. I have been very kindly asked if i could build a raspberry Pi wildlife camera to view an Owl nesting box, unfortunately i have researched into this and have not found a suitable build on the net. After talks with the runner of the project, Simon, he mentioned it would be cool if he had a meeting at the cafe once a month for tech savy people. So i have decided to ask you Linux fans. the meetings don't have to be purely about linux, but could also be about technology, design and building of inventions. The maker junction project is  great and is run as a non-profitable organisation. I think it would be great if we could as a group produce the wildlife camera for maker junctions wildlife project and for the children to be able to learn about the environment around us.

So if anyone is interested in a meeting feel free to reply to this mail.
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