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Re: [LUG] Meeting in south east Cornwall


On 08/11/13 02:25, daniel Phillips wrote:
> Hi i'm daniel, i am putting out some feelers to see if anyone would
> like to meet at www.makerjunction.org <http://www.makerjunction.org>
> cafe once a month. It's a nice cafe situated on the Rame Peninsula in
> a beautiful part of the county. The cafe has wifi internet access and
> nice food and drinks also available. I have been very kindly asked if
> i could build a raspberry Pi wildlife camera to view an Owl nesting
> box, unfortunately i have researched into this and have not found a
> suitable build on the net. After talks with the runner of the project,
> Simon, he mentioned it would be cool if he had a meeting at the cafe
> once a month for tech savy people. So i have decided to ask you Linux
> fans. the meetings don't have to be purely about linux, but could also
> be about technology, design and building of inventions. The maker
> junction project is  great and is run as a non-profitable
> organisation. I think it would be great if we could as a group produce
> the wildlife camera for maker junctions wildlife project and for the
> children to be able to learn about the environment around us.
> So if anyone is interested in a meeting feel free to reply to this mail.

I have added the venue to the website meetings page,  gigipress database
thingy,  so if a meeting IS arranged I can simply select it from a
growing list of meeting venues. 





Exeter Raspberry PI Jam 23rd November - http://dcglug.drogon.net/meetings/
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I am committed to safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable groups and 
expect any school or establishment I am involved with to share this commitment. 

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