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Re: [LUG] PI Project on Indiegogo


On Wed, 6 Nov 2013, Tom wrote:

On 06/11/13 15:34, Simon Redmond wrote:
What's the problem?

Tom <madtom1999@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

    On 06/11/13 13:56, Simon Redmond wrote:
    This might be of interest to a few people on the list as I know
    there are a few rasberrypi fans



Why bother with a cluster - just cross compile on something else - a modern multicore can do the whole of an ubuntu distribution in a day or two.

I think the issue is that the way its put together, Ubuntu has to be compiled on the same target architechure as it runs on. So while cross compiling would be advantageous here, it's not possible.

I understand the same was true for Raspbian on the Pi - although there, they didn't use Pi's (as they didn't have them!) they used another Arm platform with the same CPU architecture (but more memory and disks!)


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