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Re: [LUG] PI Project on Indiegogo


On 06/11/13 15:42, Tom wrote:
> Why bother with a cluster - just cross compile on something else -
> a modern multicore can do the whole of an ubuntu distribution in a
> day or two. Tom te tom te tom

Agreed. This is an exercise in pointlessness.

Apart from the perfectly valid reasons of A: it's fun and B: because
you can, there are otherwise no good reasons for clustering RPis
full-stop: they are profoundly weak in raw processing power and have
pathetic networking for internode communication, which will kill any
cluster's effectiveness.

A single high-end graphics card, let alone an Intel Phi co-processor
or actual GPGPU compute board will utterly destroy any amount of
clustered RPis for any embarrassingly parallel task, be it raytracing
or my common usage, oclhashcat.

RPis are for fun, hobby stuff and things like home-brewed robotics
projects and other cool little hacks. They are categorically NOT for
doing anything computationally intensive.

Yet another 'solution' in search of a problem...


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