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Re: [LUG] Server Conf + VCS - Bad Idea?


On 02/11/13 20:28, Simon Avery wrote:
> For the backup side, what would this offer that something like
> backup-manager, which creates daily backups and manages them
> incrementally, doesn't already?  Screw up a config, fish an old one out
> of those backups.

The main bonus for something like a web server shared between multiple
people is that you can track individual config changes and see what
broke something.  Of course, you can get the same thing with incremental
backups and diff, but it's a bit clunkier.

We manage our webservers similarly by putting /etc partially into
subversion.  I can't claim this is a particularly nice way to do it
(planning to move to etckeeper soon) but it has helped in some cases,
and it's useful for duplicating the configs onto other identical-ish
machines.  One has to be pretty careful when doing OS upgrades, etc though.



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