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[LUG] Server Conf + VCS - Bad Idea?


I work in web development and will have to migrate all of our websites to a new dedicated server at some point (I've been meaning to do this for ages). This has naturally got me thinking about different approaches to managing things, one of them the idea of using a VCS for managing config files.

As things stand we SSH in, make changes/additions and most of the time none of us break things :). The VCS idea that has been floating around in my head goes something like this:
  • Most devs are familiar with a VCS like Git
  • Changes are done locally (unfortunately I am the only Linux user)
  • Changes have to be pushed then pulled giving time to review changes
  • Obviously version control
  • Easier for everything to be reviewed on multiple OS's
  • Possibly a more streamlined approach

This would only apply to things such as Apache virtual hosts, BIND zones and important core services.

Now all I need to know is why that is a horribly bad idea or why I have never bothered to consider the issue before!



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