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Re: [LUG] OT BT contracts.....


On 27/12/10 19:22, Dava wrote:
P2P is completely
> unusable, i left a file going for over half an hour and it was stuck at
> 0% and 0kB/s even with a huge seed to leecher ratio and downloading from
> 50-103 peers. Its disgraceful!! Any ideas?
> Regards
> Dave

Intrigued by this in BT terms on its website (it would make any '
'reasonable use' to include P2P  cancellation almost impossible|:

> 5. What is BT's policy on Peer-to-Peer (P2P) applications?
> P2P refers to certain applications that enable files and program sharing between 
> groups of people

 logged on to a P2P network. Because they use uploads and downloads and
are often left running 24/7,

they consume significant bandwidth, even when being used by just a small
number of customers.
> Because a lot of P2P traffic is not time-critical, e.g., downloading and uploading 
> TV programmes or movies 

for later viewing, we treat P2P traffic differently from time-critical
traffic (such as surfing, streaming or

 internet telephony) and apply speed restrictions to all P2P traffic. We
manage these restrictions daily based

on the demands on the network, but downstream restrictions will
typically be in place 4pm - midnight on weekdays and

 9am - midnight on the weekend. Upstream restrictions may be in place at
other times.
> You can, of course, still use P2P services, but downloads will take longer during 
> the peak times.

Eion MacDonald

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