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Re: [LUG] Helpdesk software ?


On 14/12/10 15:35, Gordon Henderson wrote:
On Tue, 14 Dec 2010, Robin Cornelius wrote:

On Tue, Dec 14, 2010 at 1:46 PM, Gordon Henderson
<gordon+dcglug@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Anyone here use any sort of helpdesk software?

I'm currently using cerberus, but am looking for some alternatives -
preferably FLOSS...

Have you looked at any of the more generic "issue" trackers, although
these are usually directed at software development and bug reporting
they nearly always have customisable work flows and resolutions and i
would have thought would be usable for this situation. Not sure how
you would interface this with the inital email in to support but i
guess you could script something that opens an issue and emails back
the number etc without too much pain.

I guess I'm just being lazy and don't want to spend the time writing
something to import email - if I do that, I might as well write the rest
of it ;-)

But basically, the simple email system I'm using now is not going to be
scalable in the near future as I get more customers/resellers on-board,
nor will it keep track of others answering support@ requests, etc. which
I'll need real soon now ...

The one thing that cerberus doesn't seem to do is send out email
reminders that tickets are still open...

So it needs to automatically take in emails, send me an email to say
there are tickets waiting, give me a web interface to manage them -
ultimately it would let me use my email client to edit & send replys,
but I might be able to live with a web interface. The other stuff like
keeping a "knowledge base" and so on I can do elsewhere (wiki, etc.).

I've just had another look at RT - after nightmares using & installing
it many years ago - maybe it's now almost usable... The other contender
seems to be Trellis Desk, but I'm not sure if that will do the email
reminders - looks easy to install though.

I installed RT a couple of years ago for a similar company is a similar position.

Just use the Debian packages - they do everything - then just symlink it and set up the virtualhost...

It was quite painless for me.

There's several large comparisons of open source request tracking software if you search around.

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