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Re: [LUG] New here


Quoting Eddie Blundell <eblundell@xxxxxxxxx>:

Hi all,

Just thought I'd introduce myself, I've been part of mailing lists for a
while but only for reading.

My name is Eddie and I'm from Bude in Cornwall, I've been playing with linux
for years and Slackware is my distro of choice.. In my spare time I write
code in many languages, C/C++ being my favorite and also into electronics
circuit design.

I joined the mailing list to meet like minded people close to home and
hopefully will be attending a meeting in the future :)


Welcome to the list Eddie, since you're into electronics, you might also be interested in joining the Devon & Cornwall Hardware list which Gordon setup (alas I don't have the details to hand as I'm typing this on webmail).



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