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Re: [LUG] Wifi connection


On 13/12/10 18:32, Mark Evans wrote:
On 13/12/10 17:16, NW wrote:

Brilliant. How weird is that? I find it a very strange set up. Surely
if you have an Internet connection set up you want if to be for
everyone. what also confused me is that I first set up the new user in
a room with a wired connection and that worked just fine.

That's because wired connections don't generally have the possibility of
being able to connect to multiple networks (PPPoE and VLAN tagging
aside) whereas wireless has the possibility of an arbitrary number of
networks being available.

Thanks, I hadn't thought of that. Anyway it sorted now.

And, further to that, why is the little check box so well hidden?

You'd need to ask the author of the software :)

That wasn't a serious question. I gave up wondering about programmers years ago. And having done some programming myself ...!!!


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