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Re: [LUG] Possible solution for faster broadband to rural areas


On 28/07/10 13:05, Rob Beard wrote:

Hi folks,

Not sure if anyone has seen this at all?


Basically Virgin Media and Surf Telecoms are trialling stringing fibre
across Western Power Distribution power line poles.

According to Western Power Distribution, they supply power to 2.5
million homes in the South West England and South and West Wales.

Sounds rather like Energis.
The National Grid deployed a fibre network in order to provide remote control. I recall seeing a machine on "Tommorrow's World" which would wrap the fibre cable around the Earth bonding cable which links pylons together at the very top. Surplus capacity on the network being used to offer an indirect telephone service, under the name "Energis" What remains of Energis is now owned by Cable and Wireless. C&W at one time being in direct competition with Energis...

IIRC there are already combined power and telephone poles in some parts of this country. In other parts of the world you can find combined
power, telephone and cable TV poles.

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