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Re: [LUG] Traffic Monitor with schedule awareness


On Sat, 24 Jul 2010 12:54:27 +0100
John Williams wrote:

> My ISP has just decided to implement a FUP, I am borderline for ending
> up in trouble with it during "peak" hours.
> Does any one know of a traffic monitor that is aware of scheduling and
> can either monitor only 8am until midnight, or output two different
> stats, peak and off peak usage. 
> I really would prefer a console solution as I can then script from it
> easier.
> Previously I was using Vnstat with some custom scripts I wrote to
> track the pesky rolling 30day tracking Demon uses. That doesn't have
> facility to differentiate schedules though.
> Thanks.

I found this on the website mentioned by Henry in the 24-port switch


May not be suitable and may need hacking to work as per your
requirements, but I thought it was interesting.


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