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Re: [LUG] debian code names


On Fri, 16 Jul 2010 07:38:16 +0100
Simon Waters <simon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Paul Sutton wrote:
> >
> > granted 6 is some way off 
> Six isn't far off, and is called Squeeze. It already has fewer release
> critical bugs than the current stable release (Lenny), or did when I
> last looked anyway.
> Now I guess you could lobby for Debian 7 name, which as far as I know
> hasn't been announced yet.

There's no procedure for choosing Debian codenames - there's nobody to
lobby. What essentially happens is that a lot of Debian Developers in
certain core teams get drunk at one or other DebConf conferences and
pick a name, test the waters with their fellow DD's after the hangover
and then announce it on the debian-devel-announce mailing list. The
only real rule is that the codename must be a single word, with no
hyphens, punctuation or spaces.

DebConf 10 is in 15 days, I'll be there but I'll not be making
representations on behalf of anyone else.

Who knows, this year we could break with tradition and choose a name
from some source other than the Toy Story series. There appear to be
few candidates in TS3. We'll have to see what the American beer is like
and how that affects the decision.


Neil Williams

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