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Re: [LUG] Laser printer recommendations


On 11/07/10 15:11, Paul Hirst wrote:

My trusty old HP LaserJet 6L is going to run out of toner some time soon
and I figure I should upgrade. I thought I'd ask here because I want
something which works out of the box with Linux without any messing about.

I really really want duplex printing. Wireless or ethernet connectivity
would be nice although not essential. Cheep to run is important and
cheep to buy is fairly important. Colour would be nice but I doubt I'm
willing to spend very much to get it. I guess I want to spend around
Â200 but I realise sometimes there is a gulf between what you want to
spend and what you should spend ;-)

My research so far took me to an HP printer with wired ethernet, so I
expected to be able to send it postscript or PCL over the network.
However reading around a little more I've seen it described as a modern
day 'winprinter'. Ie the output is rasterized on the client and sent to
the printer over some funky protocol I'd never heard of. Apparently it
can be made to work under Linux, but that all makes me a little nervous
so I thought I'd ask your advice.

So, anyone bought a laser recently and have any recommendations?

Well we have a Samsung CLX-2160, it's a colour laser which I believe has Linux drivers available. The one we have doesn't have networking (we didn't need it) although I believe they do a network version for slightly more. I think the one we got (this is about 2 years ago) was about Â130 ish, toner is around Â15 ish for each colour when we get compatible cartridges.

The only thing it doesn't have is duplex printing. I think you're possibly going to be looking at nearer to Â300 for duplex printing, such as the Lexmark X264DN which again works fine on Linux, has duplex printing and Ethernet but is black and white only. IIRC PC World were selling them for around Â290.


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