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Re: [LUG] tomato/linksys router


On 08/07/10 18:47, Simon Robert wrote:

it doesn't seem to pick up anything from the main router. tomato has 2
variations on picking up wifi from other routers. 1 is wifi client,
which I've described the other is ethernet gateway, which if sets
ignores the linksys and picks up all from themain router as if the
linksys didn't exist. If I switch it to this mode nothing happens at
all, indicating the main router is not existing. Though if I do a scan
the linksys sees the main router and the SSID.


Could maybe be a poor signal. Just to test it, can you move the Linksys router closer to the O2 router to rule out poor signal quality?

I found with my mum's O2 router it would be very intermittent picking up the signal, one minute it would be okay then it would either disappear or be a very low signal quality, and that was about 5 or so metres away.


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